Update – Look around the Globe: Africa Part 2

Imagine that you have some free time to discover one of the biggest continent in the world.
The one which is the most differentiated and so distinctive comparing to others.
Here we present our big motorcycle dream which we made come true riding in 2018 around
Africa on one bike. A great ride through 28 countries, seeking the adventure, experience,
people, culture, wildlife, delicious food and even more! With all these spectacular views,
nature, landscapes around us, with camping life, with fires on the desert, meeting wonderful
people and spending some time just next to them and with them.
That is a story about discovering, discovering yourself and the world around us. The story
about having fun, learning how to live and how to appreciate what the world bring us every
From the Mediteeraneen Sea in Morocco, through South Africa and coming up to Egypt. A
variety of climate zones, with taking what the life brought every day, in harmony with nature
and the surroundings.
Let’s discover the world with us, sit comfortably in your coach, take your phone, turn on the
music and enjoy.
That is the second part of the video. Warmly welcome to subscribe your channel to see more.
Now on our way from Poland to Australia on 2-wheels, all the way in Asia and then Australia.
Have a nice day!

More Infos: https://www.touratech.com/en/singleview/article/look-around-the-globe-1.html

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